Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Finally, Samsung has made it clear that Samsung Galaxy Note Edge will be available only for the limited number of countries. But today is the good news for Russia and India as they are going to get some softness from Samsung. Company has made the announcement that phone will start selling in India and Russia.

The Samsung Galaxy note Edge will be available in Russia in between November and December with the tag of $1225 (RUB 49,990). There is no any confirmed date about India but we hope the same for it. In UK this phone is going to launch with the price tag of £650.

The Chinese people also have to pay the high amount to get Samsung Note Edge in their pockets. This phone will be available in China with the tag of $1,139 or €880 (CNY 7,000). Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

However, there is no any confirmed news about when this smartphone is going to launch in US. But we hope that retailers like AT&T will get the good news soon and the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge will be available soon on contract.


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