Facebook world no 1 Social Network site introduce another function to make itself more powerful. This new functionality known as “Safety Check”  ,  which lets users notify their family and friends that they are safe during or after natural disasters.

Safety Check1

The tool, named “Safety Check,” will soon be available globally to over 1.32 billion Facebook users on Android, iOS, feature phones and the desktops. The tool is designed to be activated after a natural disaster and by using either the city you lived in or your last location – if you have checked in on “Nearby Friends”, it lets you alert your friends and family that you are safe, while also tracking the status of others.

According to the Official’s , the new function is add in sake of tsunami and earthquake disasters that took Thousands of life. The Facebook emerged out to be an effective tool in connecting loved ones and notifying family members of their safety.

Safety Check 2

During disaster situation , this situation offers you a simple war to notify your friends and family about your situation by just clicking the two option i.e. I’m safe / I’m not  ,  which will push a notification and news feed story that is visible only to people on your friends list.

Safety Check3

 Demo Video of Safety Check


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