Hackers are planning a massive online leak of as many as 200,000 photos and videos, many of them nude, captured using photo messaging app Snapchat.The compromising Snapchat photos and videos are in the process of being leaked onto popular online forum 4Chan, the same site that housed the first leaked nude photos of actress Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities.

Sanpchat confirm that the data is leaked out.


Hackers were able to collect user photos and videos sent through a third-party app that lets you save Snapchat transmissions. A 13GB file containing 100,000 pictures accumulated from Snapchat over a number of years, has been released by hackers. These pictures were originally sent from Snapchat members to other members, and were believed to have been deleted by both the sender and recipient

Last year, Snapchat was criticized for not listening to recommendations from a security firm, whose suggestions would have prevented 4.6 million users of the app to have their username and passwords made public. While it appears that Snapchat was not involved in this leak, it gives a black eye to the messaging app. Still, the unique functionality of Snapchat has helped it earn a huge valuation. A round of financing completed in August valued Snapchat at a whopping $10 billion, and we would not be surprised to see a major online player snatch up Snapchat for a huge premium over its current valuation.