Multitasking is the best feature of any smartphone or table until the Google Android team is going to officially announce the multi-window feature.  For now, Google’s Android team is working on multi-window functionality for tablets and smartphones. No official announcement from Google yet but it was confirmed last March that the search giant is indeed working on it.

The multi-window feature will allow the user to run two applications at the same time on the screen, You can drag and drop between the two application. Samsung has been trying to add this feature in their devices but failed, but now Google start working on it . This is something to look forward especially now we have seen proofs of Google’s early plans and works.

How multi-screen will work

Google 1

Two apps can be opened at a time but a user could swipe between recently opened apps and swipe them to either side of the display screen. One app will be “snapped” to the half of the screen while the other app still occupies the other half of the display, or in this case, the recent apps menu. The recent/home screen side will work as usual and will allow user to swipe another app on the other side.

Since Android L is on the horizon, it’s safe to assume this multi-window feature will also come with an upcoming mobile platform. It may or may not arrive with the next Android OS. All we know is that Google has been experimenting as shown by Android Police’s illustrations.


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