Apple iphone 6

Apple iphone 6

Apple iPhone 6 is here and it looks stunning. The new iPhone 6 has a 4.7 inch touch screen with a look just like iPod touch. The most thing to note is the screen, this time the screen is protected by “Ion-strengthened glass” and the display screen is LCD with Retina HD with a pixel density of 384 ppi and the resolution of 750×1334 pixels.

The new Apple iPhone 6 is powered by a second generation chipset, the Apple A8 and it offers 20% more CPU and 50% more GPU power. The second generation Apple A8 is a 20nm power efficient chipset and it’s 13% smaller than its predecessor A7.

The chassis of Apple iPhone 6 is made of anodized Aluminium with a stainless steel Apple logo and the body is only  6.9mm thick.



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