The recent SnapChat security loophole debacle has left approximately 4.6 million exposed to the world. With your very personal information floating on the internet you should take stern steps to secure yourself, as you could be at the mercy of not very friendly people at the moment. Below are steps laid by LastPass you should follow to make sure you are safe.


  1. Consider deleting your Snapchat account, since you can’t change your existing Snapchat username.
  2. Be wary of phone calls that attempt to phish personal or confidential information from you.
  3. As a precautionary measure, change your Snapchat password and all passwords to sites that you use the same password for.
    The LastPass security challenge can assist you in doing so.
  4. Enter your Snapchat username below to find out if your personal information was leaked. If we find that your information was leaked, then we’ll also show you your phone number.
  5. Check if your Snapchat username or phone number lowers the strength of any passwords you have to any websites you use. If so, change those passwords too.


How to check if my SnapChat account was compromised:

It will only take blink of an eye to check if your account was compromised or not, simply go to and punch in your SnapChat Username and the lastpass system will let you know that if your account was compromised or not.

If your SnapChat account was compromised it will pop up this message:


If you are safe than the below soothing message with yellow background will appear:


The suggested action is to take precautionary measures even if your account was not compromised, because the leak could partial and hackers might be holding much information than they have already revealed.

Stay Safe



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