aluminum body? Yet love your Samsung Galaxy S4. Don’t worry! The Korean giant plans to manufacture a high end metal smart-phone the Samsung Galaxy F. Samsung has always remained a step ahead of its competitors in terms of might of hardware and sleek design but in the process its exterior and build quality was compromised. But this time around Samsung decided to go with Premium Metal Body, which will make magnify the beauty of already sleek designs. The release date of Samsung Galaxy F is said to be in neighborhood of Samsung Galaxy S5’s release date.


The Galaxy F claims to be Samsung’s latest flagship Smartphone. The point to note here is that will Samsung be able to deliver top-notch hardware along with premium metal body. Keeping the price of Samsung Galaxy F reasonable will be one of the many challenges Samsung has to face. It’s also rumored that the Galaxy F will be packed with QHD 2K display (2,560×1,600 pixels).