Square Enix released a new batch of screenshots for Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster. The new screenshots showcase some amazing levels, characters and some abilities of our characters.

Check the screenshots below;

finalfantasy-49 finalfantasy-48 finalfantasy-47

 [AdSense-A]  finalfantasy-46 finalfantasy-45 finalfantasy-44 finalfantasy-43 finalfantasy-42 finalfantasy-36 finalfantasy-35 finalfantasy-34

 [AdSense-A]  finalfantasy-33 finalfantasy-32 finalfantasy-31 finalfantasy-30 finalfantasy-28 finalfantasy-27 finalfantasy-26 finalfantasy-25 finalfantasy-24 finalfantasy-23 finalfantasy-22 finalfantasy-21 finalfantasy-20 finalfantasy-19 finalfantasy-18 finalfantasy-17 finalfantasy-16 finalfantasy-15 finalfantasy-14 finalfantasy-13 finalfantasy-12 finalfantasy-11 finalfantasy-10 finalfantasy-9 finalfantasy-8 finalfantasy-7 finalfantasy-6 finalfantasy-5 finalfantasy-4 finalfantasy-3 finalfantasy-2 finalfantasy-1



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