In iOS 7 there is a new camera feature which lets you take several pictures in rapid succession in a short span of time. This feature is quite handy and lets you grab some amazing memories in your device. There are many users out there who don’t know how to use Burst Mode. Well, It’s really simple, just simply tap and hold on the shutter button to activate the burst mode. However, there is also another way to activate the burst mode and that is by holding down any of the two volume keys to activate the burst mode.





If you own an older iOS device and it’s running on iOS 6 or iOS 5 then there is no need to worry you can still activate iOS 7 burst mode in it.  But for it your device needs to be jail break and it needs a burst mode tweak developed by PoomSmart. This burst mode tweak is much better than the iOS 7 burst mode and the best thing is, there is no limit on photos and it has other setting option available too and you can enable/disable iris animations, HDR and much more.

Download Link:  The Burst Mode tweak is available now on Cydia’s BigBoss and Modmyi repositories for free and is compatible with iOS 5 and iOS 6 and works on both iPhone and iPad.