Notification ringtones are the best way to know about the incoming calls, emails and messaging but there are times when we don’t need it.  Yeah! I know for such times, we use Silent mode but do you know Silent mode doesn’t turn off every sound of your device especially the camera shutter sound.  Although, there are some devices available in which you can disable the camera shutter sound but it’s not available in all the devices out there.


But you don’t need to worry; we have a simple solution for you guys which will help you to mute the camera shutter sound easily.  It’s a simple tutorial and we will tell you the methods for both rooted and unrooted devices.

How to turn off Camera Shutter Sound on Unrooted devices:
To turn off the camera shutter sound on Unrooted devices,  you just need to install a small application developed by XDA developer “providence” and is named Camera Mute. The Camera Mute app is working fine on stock camera app and it temporary enables the complete silent mode when camera app starts.

To install this app, download the.apk file and place it in your device. Just install it and there you go no more shutter sound.

Download Link: Camera Mute 1.5.apk

How to turn off Camera Shutter Sound on Rooted devices:


Well, turning off the camera shutter sound on rooted device is quite easy, especially when you are already running a rooted device.  If you are and you have the root explorer installed then just follow these simple steps:


  • Open root explorer app
  • Navigate to system  media > audio > ui
  • Tap on mount r/w and scroll down to Shutter.ogg and rename it to Shutter.ogg.bak
  • Now rename Shutter_multiple.ogg to Shutter_multiple.ogg.bak
  • That’s it!

You can also use the Camera Mute app for Rooted devices, if you don’t want to install new apps then this method is best for you. It’s simple and easy, and if you find any difficult or stuck at any point let us know in the comment section below and we will help you out as fast as we can.



    • Did you change the permission as mentioned in this step?

      Tap on mount r/w and scroll down to Shutter.ogg and rename it to Shutter.ogg.bak

      Secondly, update your root explorer to the latest. Sometimes, it happens with older versions.


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