The Window 8.1 is month away from release and Microsoft has revealed the pricing and packing detail for those who currently not using Window 8.1 . The newest version of the Window 8 will be available as free for Window 8 users starting on 17th October from the Window Store. However, Windows 8.1 will have a recommended retail pricing of $119.99 for the regular version and $199.99 for the Pro version.


One significant difference between purchasing Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 is that 8.1 will be the “full version software” of the operating system. It does not require a machine that is already running Microsoft’s OS, unlike Windows 8, which is only sold as an “upgrade version.” Microsoft has also included instructions for non-Windows 8 users looking to upgrade next month.


For those on XP and Vista, not only will you have to purchase the full version, but you won’t be able to keep your old files and applications as an upgrade won’t work, you will need to do a fresh OS install. As for those on Windows 7, you will be able to retain your files but you will have to reinstall all your applications afterwards, including Microsoft Office.


If you buy a device later running the standard version of Windows 8.1, you will be able to upgrade to the Pro version for $99.99 and Windows Media Center for $9.99.

Windows 8.1 will be available for purchase exactly a month from now on October 18, 2013.