HTC One, a high end smartphone released this year and got a amazing cheers because of its design and boom speakers on front. HTC released this smartphone in just two colors Black and White but this time there is a news that it is going to release in special Gold color. The gold color shell firstly appeared in China few days ago and then Taiwanese manufacturer was preparing a “gold” edition of its flagship smartphone. It is usually a custom made by Gold Genie, a company that is known for gold plating popular gadgets and smartphones.

techjeep-golf.htcone This HTC One is a genuine HTC product with the addition of 24-carat gold on the outer layer of its design. The cost of this product in 32GB variant is £1,895 (about USD$3,015), while the platinum version is in £2,095 (about USD$3,332).  As from the price tags it is cleared that this product is quite expensive and if you don’t have money to buy than wait for platinum version which is also a cheap one.techjeep-golf.htcone1


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