Samsung galaxy SIV a latest and most powerful smartphone launched this year by Samsung. Samsung always considered as a step ahead from all other smartphone manufacturers as they always provides their users a best, durable and a handsome products as well. They launched Galaxy SIV this year that hit the market, got a great zeal and winning the hearts of android users all around the world. With the Next Flagship of Samsung releasing this month, Users started expecting from Samsung that they will launch something more interesting that is expected to be released next year and its most likely to be called as Samsung Galaxy S5.

Concepts Regarding Galaxy SV:

There are too much rumors about that how Samsung Galaxy SV is going to be? How will it looks like and what technologies it will going to carry? However there are no official news about its design built quality and technology but we are going to present some concepts and expected features regarding this.

  • Foldable Galaxy SV: According to the rumors Samsung galaxy SV will launch with a technology of Foldable screen and also have the elastic body, although we already seen many screens with this technology but i wonder that this smartphone will also launch with the same screen.

  • Slide-to-Slide Screen: According to the concept Galaxy SV will have the slide to slide screen from the both edges ie Left to Right.
  • Tiny Bezels @ No Buttons: Through this concept Galaxy SV is totally different from current smartphone, this will make the phone more unique and amazing then all other smartphones that are now present n the market. This phone have very tiny bezel with no buttons like other galaxy smartphones. Check out the image below to make this concept more clear.


Expected Specifications: 

Samsung Galaxy SV would carry the features that fit in 2014. So according to this, this phone have expected to have the great secs even more than Samsung galaxy SIV. The screen will made little bit more then SIV, by rumors Galaxy SV may be come in the categorie of Phablet so if this rumor will gone true than this is confirmed that Galaxy SV will have screen size more than 5″.

The RAM will made 3GB just like Samsung Galaxy NOTE III while there is also a news that it will have minimum of 32GB internal memory. The processor can be of Exynos, we are also expecting it to be Qualcomm-powered variant.

On the other hand, many smartphone manufacturers like NOKIA are mostly investing on the camera of their smartphone. NOKIA Lumia 1020 have 41MP camera but Samsung will not be going to beat other companies in every format so theirs a rumor that Samsung Galaxy SV will have 20MP camera.


  • Release Date of Samsung Galaxy SV: It is very early to be predict something about the release date of Galaxy SV but seeing the current flagship we however expect that Galaxy SV will available in the middle of 2014.

If Samsung follows their tradition than there is no doubt that Samsung Galaxy SV will available in the market on APRIL or MAY 2014.