Samsung-Galaxy-S4-VS-HTC-One-Front-techjeepAll current Samsung smartphone are made up of plastic sharing a same rounded-edge square form, with buttons located at bottom of screen. All the smartphone launch this year including  Galaxy S3 are made up of plastic. But this might be change next year, according to the Korean Publication ET  Samsung kicked off the new design for their upcoming smartphones. Samsung 2014 phones may use magnesium, aluminum and metal in their body, instead of the now traditional poly-carbonate.


The mostly liked candidate which come out on this design will be Samsung Galaxy S5. The redesign is expected to first land on premium models and hope to get best response in that year.

Samsung currently working on this new design and materials at its factory in Gumi, South Korea, and some of the work might be carried out in Vietnam. Samsung’s engineers started work in this project and they hope to make it as soon as possible. So if you are going to buy Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4 then why not S5?

However there is no news about the Specifications of Galaxy S5 by Samsung, if we get any news we will post about…..


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