According to the rumors coming from the Korea, Samsung is trying to lower the cost of Galaxy Note III so that it will available to many users. They are going to launch Samsung Galaxy Note III on this September which is high end phablet consisting of Super Amoled Plus display along with 3GB of RAM, the phone is made much powerful by Qualcomm SnapDragon 800 2.3GHZ. But the worst thing about it is its price due to it, this phone may be not available to many users as they can’t afford it.

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So, to reduce the price Samsung Note III will lose the Super AMOLED screen in favor of a regular LCD unit plus the camera will be downgraded to an 8MP. According to the etnews report Samsung have to make this Note III as soon as possible and now 30% of Samsung factories have started work on it.


We appreciate the Samsung that they are trying hard to make NOTE III available to maximum users. This also increase the final revenue of company. However according to some users Samsung always use Super Amoled Display in their high end smartphones and if Samsung does adopt an LCD display or an 8-megapixel camera for the Note III in emerging markets, well, that won’t be nice at all.

Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Note III on September 4 in Berlin.