Samsung galaxy S4 the one of the most anticipating smartphone present in the current mobile market which provides you the best features and the latest technology as well. This smartphone is also able to get compete with Apple IOS products as it is much powerful than all other smartphones in the present market.

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The users of this phone are quite happy as this smartphone is most powerful and able to run every application and games in really smooth manners, but many of the users are yet don’t know about some hidden features of this smartphone which unlocks the full potential of this device.


Now we are going to intend some hidden features of Samsung Galaxy S4 without buying a little hardware or software.

NOTE: Good thing is that, you don’t need to root Samsung Galaxy S4 or install a custom ROM to access features which are listed below. But after rooting your device you can unlock a bunch of features.

Let have a look on some hidden feature of Samsung Galaxy S4:

  • Galaxy S4 as TV remote:

Samsung Galaxy S4 features an IR port, Or there is an app called WatchOn through which you can use your smartphone as a universal TV remote . Setting up WatchOn application is very easy. You just need to open the application and follow the guide.

  • Best Photo Shoot:

Samsung Galaxy S4 have some best photo features as you can take 8 photos at a time in a just a way on some latest HTC devices like HTC ONE.

To access this, you need to open camera app and tap on the Mode button to click Best Shot. Now press the shutter and it will take 8 photos of your subject and highlights the best one for you.

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Lock-Screen Customization:

Using some built in mobile widgets you can customize your phone lock screen and make it as you wish. you can also change you lock screen design as you can. To get started go to Setting-> My device Tab -> Lock Screen. You can also see a clock or personal message using this feature.

  • USB storage and XBOX controller:

Samsung Galaxy S4 also supports the use of gaming controller like the corded Xbox 360 controller. You can also connect a USB drive as extra storage by using an affordable Micro USB to full size USB cable. Using such cable you will make your phone more easy to use and also it will be good for your video games.

  • Activate DND for Galaxy S4:

You can also put your device on DND mode ie Do Not Disturb.  Blocking mode is new and improved option to start and end blocking mode. This feature provides the ability to block Incoming calls, Notifications, Alarm & time and Disable the LED. Wiith the help of this feature you are totally fearless from unwanted calls and messages. This feature is just like the Skype new feature MOOD in which you can set your mood and your mood tells to other contacts whether you want o receive calls or not.

  • Headphones to Control Calls and Music:

Now with your Samsung Galaxy S4, you have your complete control on your incoming calls and on music as well.  Like, if you hold the button S voice will open and will tell you about any latest upcoming message. This also helps you to perform other S voice action. Also the upper buttons  control volume for calls and music. With this feature you can also control your music player such as playing music pause them or close it.

  • Galaxy S4 with Motion:

New features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the option to control your device using gesture and motion. All this became possible with the help of “Air Gesture” using which you can control your device by waving a hand on it. Air Gesture sensor is the latest sensor built inside any smartphone and with this feature the usage of your mobile is quite easy as well.

To activate this feature you need to Go to Settings -> My device tab -> Motions and gestures -> Air gesture -> On.

  • Better Battery life on this device:

Galaxy S4 features a power saver mode which helps you to save battery life. This is the only way or inbuilt feature which actually works in painless way to get an improved battery life on your device. You can activate it by pulling your notification down and tap on Power Saving.

  • Take Photo using your Voice:

Using your device you can also take images bu commanding your phone with your voice instead of being by tapping a shutter button. This feature will also makes your phone much faster in capturing images in any walk of life.

To turn on this feature you need to open the Camera -> press Menu -> tap on Settings -> tap the settings cog -> scroll to Voice control and turn it on.

Once this feature is turned on you just need to give voice commands like smile, cheese, capture and shoot.

  • Smart Alerts:

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has feature which vibrates your phone when you pick it up, say, if you have two notifications. Now this is one of the best feature which let you know whether you have to pick the phone or just put your phone back to your pocket.

If you want to turn this feature off, follow this-  Settings -> My device tab -> Motions and gestures -> Motion -> Smart alert -> On.

  • Better sounding music and phone calls:

You can turn on and set up Adapt sound to customize the sound hearing of your Samsung Galaxy S4. You just set up a short session which identifies hearing by changing the audio profile of call and music which fits in everyone’s ear.

To enable this, go to Settings -> My device tab -> Sound -> Adapt sound -> follow the prompts.

  • Block callers:

With your Galaxy S4 you can also block callers that may disturbs you, such as with this device you can block unknown calls fron any network. However this feature is not latest this is also available in many HTC and SONY devices s well.

  • Using S4 with Gloves:

Now you can also access your Samsung Galaxy S4 with Glove as this device display is sensitive enough to make this thing happen.  But this feature is turned off by default. This feature is very useful to the users as with such sensitivity you can use your phone with more grace.

To start using your device with Gloves you need to go to Settings -> My Device tab -> Display ->High-touch sensitivity -> On.

  • Air View:

Samsung Galaxy S4 is featured with Air View which provides you more information about anything on the device just by hovering their finger over a spot on the screen

To enable this feature, go to Settings -> My Device Tab -> Air View -> On. Next, tap on Air view to see the settings and fine tune what you want it to do.

  • Monitor And block excess data usage:

Samsung Galaxy S4 is featuring an inbuilt data monitor which helps you to track data used and push alerts which help you to use your mobile data wisely or help you to save money. This feature also makes you to monitor your current data usage and can block your further data usage.

To enable this, you need to go to Settings -> Connections tab -> Data Usage.

  • Control S4 with your Eyes:

Your device also has a feature which helps you to control it using your eyes. You can enable this feature by going on:

Settings -> My device -> Smart screen and then:

  • Check Smart Stay
  • Check Smart Pause
  • And turn Smart scroll on and then tap on the text to choose more options.
  • Find you lost S4:

Samsung Galaxy S4 will offer you an amazing feature i.e. Lojack which allows user to track a Stolen Samsung Galaxy just by paying a monthly fee, also a team of trained professionals will help you in all this process.

  • Move your Keyboard anywhere on screen:

Samsung galaxy S4 offers you to move your keyboard anywhere on the screen as you wish so in this way you can get complete your work more easily.

To get this you need to Open the keyboard -> long press on the microphone for Settings -> Tap on Predictive Text -> link to your accounts.

  • Speed up Your Home Button;

By default Galaxy S4 Home Button is very slow because it wait for users to double tap and launch S-Voice. But if you’re the one who don’t use S-Voice, you can fasten your Home Button just by disabling this feature.

For this, open S-Voice by double tapping the home button. Then tap menu and choose Settings. Uncheck Open via the home key.

  • Get Alerts without touching the phone:

One of the best feature of Samsung Galaxy S4 is that now you can check alert notification without touching your Smartphone. To activate this you need to Settings -> My Device -> Motions and gestures-> Air Gesture -> Quick glance -> On.

  • Two application at same time:

With the help of multi-view feature of the Samsung Galaxy S4 you can run two applications on your device screen at the same time. This is one of the best productivity feature which make multitasking easier.

  • Quick access to common Settings:

We all know that you can quickly change setting with a single tap in the Notification Drawer. But there is something of which you might be not aware i.e., If you long press on any of these toggles, it will open up that page in setting. This feature really works when you want to pair a Bluetooth device and changing settings while using gestures and motion control on your device.

  • Google is much fast:

Google Now is an amazing personal assistant for Samsung Galaxy S4, but if you feel tough to launch this application quickly, you should read this tweak.

To launch Google Now, all you need to do is hold the menu button on your device and it will pop up providing you an option to search with Google.

  • Easy mode on your S4:

If you’re using your device for the first time, it’s better to start with easy mode which provides you easy to use user interface, with larger icons which are easy to use and tap.

And its very easy turn Off and On Galaxy S4 device, So if possible try the easy mode first and then go for standard one.