SONY is now working on a new firmware for their 6.4″ monster Sony Xpeira Z Ultra. The news tells that Sony is going to launch some new features for this smartphone as expected.

sony-xperia-z-ultra-crave-techjeepHere are some features related to this smartphone which are about to launch.

  • X-Reality for Mobile display engine included
  • Superior Auto mode included in camera settings
  • Enhancement of stock email
  • Improved battery life
  • Improved video playback
  • One-hand keyboard operation possible now
  • White background UI

Xperia-Z-Ultra-C6802-14.1.B.1.510-firmware-update-details-techjeep The latest firmware is based on 14.1.B.1.510 and you can download it via PC Companion / SUS and Bridge. Connect your Xperia Z Ultra to them check for any 14.1.B.1.510 firmware update  notification and update as per on-screen instructions.

In case the update isn’t available for you just yet, keep calm and wait for few days as Sony doesn’t launched it worldwide yet.

14.1.B.1.510 firmware has brought a lot many new features to Xperia Z Ultra C6802 and we expect the same to come in all other variants of Xperia Z Ultra LTE versions.

If you are waiting for the update notification and can’t able to get yet then you can also download it manually.

Download it from HERE.


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