Iphone 5s is coming in less than a month on September 10th in a special media event held by Apple in Berlin. One thing is very clear that Iphone 5s is much powerful and than the current Iphone 5 so if you want new Iphone, you’d better save your money and wait for it.

techjeep-new-features-iphone Iphone 5s will have new A7 chip with 1GB DDR3 RAM. The latest chip is said to be built on the ARMv8 architecture and will be 20% more energy efficient than previous A6 SoC. Their is also a news that Iphone 5s will have Dual-LED flash instead of single one, so with this feature the camera of this phone will also get a new update.

This product will come with the massive storage capacity of 128GB and will be the second Apple product which have massive storage capacity after Ipad4. The 128 GB model of the iPhone 5S would cost $499 (on contract) under the Apple’s current pricing scheme.

Let have a Look on the New Features:

  • Fingerprint scanner built inside new ‘sapphire’ home key:

techjeep-new-features-iphone1 Processor and Camera got a new update in this model but the most interesting thing to note is the finger print scanner that built into the sphere home key. The main purpose of this scanner is too increase the security of the phone as the owner of the phone will only able to unlock the phone.

The new home key would covered in spherical form instead of being traditional and said to be more secure than the previous one’s. What’s interesting that some rumors even say the new home button might be convex, bulging outward.

  • New Apple A7 chip with 1GB of RAM

techjeep-new-features-iphone5It is also expected that Apple Iphone 5S will come with the brand new and powerful chip A7 instead of A6 so this is the interesting upgrade to the microprocessor as it is much powerful and reliable than A6. The A7 is a dual-core 32nm chip manufactured by Samsung using the Higk-K Metal Gate technology. It features a higher clock speed of 1.5GHz, with better, quad-core PowerVR SGX 544MP4 graphics and the same 1GB amount of RAM. The type of RAM however has allegedly changed and Apple is using the now standard LPDDR3-1333 RAM rather than last year’s 1GB LPDDR2-1066. This means emory bandwidth is higher, going up from 8.5GB/s to 10.7GB/s.

  • 12-MegaPixel Camera with Dual LED flash:

The other main improvement will be in camera department. The interface as well as sharpness also got interesting techjeep-new-features-iphone3improvement. The other thing to note is the Dual Led flash, unlike current Iphone 5 this Iphone have Dual LED flash instead of being one which the image sharpness would get great improvements. Dual Led flash would improve the image quality and sharpness as well so in this way this is cool improvement.

  • Iphone 5S….now in Gold:


For the last four years Iphone users are using only two different colors Black and White but this time there is a good news for Iphone users as it is going to release in a new Gold Color. The images regarding this are already leaked and you can check: CLICK HERE

  • Massive Storage Capacity, 128GB:

After three traditional capacity storage 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, Apple is going to launch this phone with a massive storage capacity of 128GB. According to the rumors this phone may come with 128GB of storage and if this prediction will gone true then this will be the second Apple product which have massive storage capacity after Apple Ipad 4. It is also a good news for Apple users and also for the company as  profit margins goes astronomically high for larger capacity models, and with a 128GB one it would make Apple even more profitable.

  • NFC:

Near Field Communication is a technology for file sharing and mostly come in SONY devices but this time Apple also made the improvement in the form of NFC, so that Apple users now share their files by just bringing their phones closer to each other and share them by just touch of the finger.

  • Price:

Finally, now come to the price. The basic model is likely to cost around $650 off contract, or $199 on a two-year plan. The iPhone 5S release date will probably be in late September in the United States, and October for tens of other markets worldwide.

Images related this phone: CLICK HERE