From a couple of recently launched reports it cleared that Google Play is growing very fast in the terms of revenue. Latest reports showed that the revenue of Google Play is more than Nintendo or Sony PS Vita. Of course, Google Play is still behind in race than Apple infect, Nintendo and Sony combined couldn’t match the App Store games revenue.

techjeep-googleplay-revenye34The image shows the fact that Google Play and Apple rely heavily on games for revenue. But Google Play revenue in games is more than Apple. Google Play generates about 80% of its revenue from games, and Apple’s App Store earns just under 75% of its revenue from games.

techjeep-googleplay-revenyeNow come to the other revenues of both stores, we already made a report regarding it. If we compare the revenue of both store then of course the revenue of Apple is more then Google Play in other applications instead of games. Apple app store earned more in communications and other utilities software, On the other hand Google Play earned their more revenue through games.

Apple made their most revenue from Asia-Pacific and North America and West America and Google Play earned their most revenue from Asia-Pacific, specifically South Korea and Japan.