Apple is going to release Iphone 5S on 10 September 2013, a new product which made all the IOS users impatient as this product is much interesting to use and also have the massive storage capacity of 128GB.

It is also expected that Iphone 5s will have new A7 chip with 1GB DDR3 RAM. The latest chip is said to be built on the ARMv8 architecture and will be 20% more energy efficient than previous A6 SoC. Their is also a news that Iphone 5s will have Dual-LED flash instead of single one, so with this feature the camera of this phone will also get a new update.


Here are some images regarding this Phone.

Techjeep-iphone5s-3Techjeep-iphone5s-5Techjeep-iphone5s-4Techjeep-iphone5s-1Techjeep-iphone5s-2  CLICK HERE: To check recently leaked images.

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