When you write a single letter in the search bar, Google will show all your previous searches with that letter. Ever wonder what would happen if your parents are in front of you and you write a single letter (S) and Google starts showing your previous searches. But you don’t need to worry as today we are giving you a complete guide on “How to clear search History in Google”.


Just sit back and relax and follow the steps below:

1. First you need to go www.google.com/history and login with your credentials.



2. When you are logged in, you will see history page. In this page, you can see all your searched items.You just need to click on the Check button and then the remove button. All your previous history will get removed and it will not show in Google search anymore. history-2

3. And if you don’t want Google to save your results, then you need to click on “Settings”. Here you will find the option to remove all the search results and you can also turn these settings off.

settings4. This is the final step,  now you just need to know “turn off” web history which is enabled by default. Please keep in mind, Turning off your search history may limit or disable features such as Google Now, smarter search results and predictions, and recent searches on mobile devices.

turnoffWe hope this tutorial gives you enough information on “How to clear history in Google search”. If you have any question just drop us a comment and we will answer it as fast as we can.




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