Apple is going to launch their new products on 10 September 2013 named Iphone 5S and IPhone 5C, the interesting thing to note in Iphone 5S is this that it is going to launch with massive storage capacity of 128GB and according to analyst this product will launch in traditional Black and White color but besides this Apple is also going to give an interesting Gold color to this product.

The images regarding Iphone 5s Gold are already leaked and you can also check them from HERE.

It is also expected that Iphone 5s will have new A7 chip with 1GB DDR3 RAM. The latest chip is said to be built on the ARMv8 architecture and will be 20% more energy efficient than previous A6 SoC. Their is also a news that Iphone 5s will have Dual-LED flash instead of single one, so with this feature the camera of this phone will also get a new update.

Here are some more images regarding these Phones.


techjeep-iphone-new-imagesleaked techjeep-iphone-new-imagesleaked2 techjeep-iphone-new-imagesleaked3

 These products will launch on 10 September 2013 in a special event designed by Apple and as soon as Apple will launch something more interesting about them we will post about them.


  1. I’m just a little confused by the part that mentions Dual LED flash: does it mean that when taking a picture with the phone, there will two flashes instead of one basically? Because I’ve never heard the term before.

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