Google just released the latest version of Android which was gradual update to Jelly Bean, but now it is looking that something is going bigger to happen. Google is going to release the latest version of android named Key Lime Pie 5.0 and it is expected that it will release on Octuber 2013.
IOS users always considered them a step ahead then Android users due to crash rate and bug ratio in many applications but now in this update this ratio will fall down to lowest rate as expected by the users. The very first smartphone going to launch with android 5.0 is said to be Samsung Galaxy NOTE 3. Google have many expectations from this update as this update will provide the users lowest error rate as well as crash rate, the performance of this update will also too fast then Android 4.3 and 4.0.


Expected Features:

Different Performance Profiles:
Profiles for different occasions and purposes are may different like at night when you want low brightness and don’t want unwanted callers and for Gaming Purposes much battery is’ required, your smartphone will manage it automatically. Another power strip style widget is especially design for such purpose and this is also an easy way to access these functions.

Better Multiple Device support:
Switching connection between your smartphone and tablet will easier as there will be better connection through Play Store that one applications you buy will be download on your other devices.

Line-drawing Keyboard Options:
Google is thinking to update SWIPE keyboard, through which users will able to predict words easily which was dumb while predicting some words in last updates.

A Video Chat app:
In the previous updates there was no pre-installed live Video chat application, but this time Google is start thinking about a Live Video Chat application for their users. In the last announcement they made, Google announced to make a live video chat application which will come pre-installed.

Multi-Select in Contacts:
In the last updates users were not able to select multiple contacts at a same time when they want to send E-mail or SMS individually, but in this update this Google decided to made such application through which user will send E-mails and SMS individually to many contacts.

Cros-device SMS sync:
whenever when you change your device all data will back up but the only thing left behind is SMS, but in this update Google made a solution for it. Now you can take a SMS back up on your GMAIL account and able to take back up on your new device.


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