A bunch of high resolution images have surfaced on the internet which is said to be the cheaper iPhone 5C’s plastic casing. The images shows the back of the device from different angles. The casing is still in the early stages,  as it lacks the silencer button and volume controls.  However, the other things like Apple logo are exactly in place.

Check the screens below;

Apple-iPhone-5C-28-1024x682 Apple-iPhone-5C-27-1024x682 Apple-iPhone-5C-26-1024x682 Apple-iPhone-5C-25-1024x682 Apple-iPhone-5C-24-1024x682 Apple-iPhone-5C-21-1024x682 Apple-iPhone-5C-20-1024x682 Apple-iPhone-5C-19-1024x682 Apple-iPhone-5C-18-1024x682 Apple-iPhone-5C-17-1024x682 Apple-iPhone-5C-16-1024x682 Apple-iPhone-5C-13-1024x682 Apple-iPhone-5C-12-1024x682 Apple-iPhone-5C-11-1024x682 Apple-iPhone-5C-10-1024x682 Apple-iPhone-5C-09-1024x682 Apple-iPhone-5C-08-1024x682 Apple-iPhone-5C-07-1024x682 Apple-iPhone-5C-06-1024x682 Apple-iPhone-5C-05-1024x682 Apple-iPhone-5C-04-1024x682 Apple-iPhone-5C-03-1024x682 Apple-iPhone-5C-02-1024x682



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