The Google Play edition for Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One are receiving an OTA update which terns them to Android 4.3(JELLY BEAN). The updates are arriving just after the week of their announcement and starting rolling the NEXUS devices, many Nexus devices are receiving updates this month so you can say that Nexus and Google play editions are more frequent to get new updates.

techjeep-android4.3The updates for both devices are developed by the OEMs, but their is no modifications in their GUI and also no carrier testing so that we this got Super-fast update. The Nexus phones only started seeing Android 4.3 at last week but their are many users who are unable to get their notifications.

The update size is different in both phones are diferent, the update clocks in HTC One is 185MB and in Samsung Galaxy S4 is 150MB. There are no official images for these devices yet, although Bluetooth Low Energy profile, virtual surround sound, autocomplete for dialpad, improved keyboard, OpenGL ES 3.0 support and a handful of other things are few new updates that are noticed by the users. Over all these features, the Android 4.3 update enables Bluetooth to work with more reliability in S4.