For the first time ever in the Google history, Google play store served more applications then Apple App Store (about 10% more), However iOS brings more revenue then Google play store. The more moneymakers in both of the store are Games (about 40%) and 60% are other applications including books, audio/video, magazines etc.

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It is interesting to note that which type of applications are more liked by the users, in iOS there is Entertainment, Photo & Video, Lifestyle and Utilities while in the Google play store there is Games, communication and entertainment. Social networking applications are also have their own importance in both stores but in Apple store had a music category more brilliant then Google app store.

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Japan spent a lot of money in Google app store, however it is unexpected that Japan may come in top 5 countries who invest too much in Google store.  South Korea and the US are second and third respectively, with these Google app store has made it 70% revenue.


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