Samsung Galaxy Core, a newly launched Samsung smartphone which have all the features that a smartphone should have. This phone comes with a fast 1.2 GHz DUAL CORE PROCESSOR with the combination of 1GB of RAM that made this phone much faster and reliable to run heavy applications as well as games. The design of this phone is like other Samsung Galaxy smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy Ace 3.  This phone comes with the latest Android OS 4.1.2 (JELLY BEAN) that have a new GUI (Graphical User Interface) than the previous version 4.0 (ICS). The phone packed with DUAL SIM CONNECTIVITY that makes this phone much more reliable to those who are in favor of Dual Sim connectivity. Samsung Galaxy Core comes with a large display of 4.3″ that is good display to play games and run 3D applications and animations. The display technique is TFT capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors that have no sub viewing angle and can be seen clearly from any angle.





SAMSUNG GALAXY CORE I8260 a newly launched smartphone by samsung that have all the features that a new smartphones should have. It comes with powerful CPU 1.2 GHz DUAL CORE along with 1 GB of RAM that makes this phone much reliable and fast to play heavy applications as well as 3D games. The latest version of android 4.1.2 (out of the box) makes this phone much usable and impressive than the smartphone who have 4.0 version of android, 4.1.2 (JELLY BEAN) offers a new GUI that makes the phone who contains 4.1.2 more impressive and use able than others. The phone comes with large dispay of 4.3″ that allows the users to view images and watch movies on a high resolution and sharp imaging quality. The phone packed with DUAL SIM connectivity that makes this phone closer to the users who are in the favour of dual sim phones, the phone has 8GB built in memory and it comes with the support of external storage up to 64 GB that makes this phone much use able to store a large amount of applications as well as games no matter whether they are in phone storage or in SD storage. The phone packed with 5MP regular camera with the resolution of  2592 x 1944 pixels, LED flash that makes this camera much use able and impressive in low light as well and you can take images much sharp no matter, the light is low or not.


SAMSUNG GALAXY CORE comes with powerful 1.2 GHz DUAL CORE processor with the combination of 1 GB RAM that makes this phone faster to run heavy 3D applications and games as well. The GPU Broadcom VideoCore 3 is designed especially for high end mobile games. You can run even every application/game on this phone without any lag. Broadcom VideoCore 3 is not a latest display adapter but much powerful to run every application and 3D games.



SAMSUNG GALAXY CORE comes with large display of 4.3″  TFT capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors that is the brilliant display but not so advanced due to TFT touch screen. TFT capacitive touch screen is too advanced but good to watch movies and play games in 3D manners.


SAMSUNG GALAXY CORE comes with the 5MP camera with the resolution of  2592×1944 pixels, LED flash, autofocus, LED flash makes this phone camera much useful in low light and in every walk of life no matter where you are. Autofocus makes the user enable to take sharp images with out any noise.



The difference between SAMSUNG GALAXY CORE and SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 PLUS is not too much but only in few hardware and chipsets. SAMSUNG GALAXY CORE consists of DUAL CORE 1.2 GHZ with 1GB RAM and a high GPU as well. This combination of hardware makes this phone much faster to run even every application and game as well. This phone comes with 4.3″ of display (217ppi), that is much impressive display and sharp too. This phone packed with 8GB internal memory and a microSD card supportage up to 64GB that is enough much too store a large amount of applications, games and other business applications.

On the other hand SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 PLUS comes with DUAL CORE PROCESSOR 1.2GHZ with 1GB RAM and a GPU, the phones comes with 4.3″ SUPER AMOLED display that is the latest display technology by samsung . The comes with 8GB internal memory along with the supportage of microSD card up to 64GB.


1) . DUAL SIM supportage makes this phone closer to many users.

2). CPU chip set is much powerful than the chip in Galaxy S2 PLUS


1).SUPER AMOLED display makes the display more impressive than the display of Galaxy core.

2). GPU (Broadcom VideoCore IV) much powerful than the GPU of Galaxy core.

3). 8MP camera makes the camera better to takes sharp images, 1080p video recording also makes this camera much more impressive than the camera of Galaxy core.


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