The Special Eevee Edition will be available in a very limited number between May 15 to June 3.  For this beauty, you have to enter a raffle to be in with a chance of having the privilege to buy one for 18,900 Yen. The raffle begins on 15 May and ends of 3 June.

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Check the newly released pictures:


1372560308-special-eevee-edition-3ds-xl-1 1372560308-special-eevee-edition-3ds-xl-2 1372560308-special-eevee-edition-3ds-xl-3 1372560308-special-eevee-edition-3ds-xl-4 1372560308-special-eevee-edition-3ds-xl-5 1372560309-special-eevee-edition-3ds-xl-6 1372560455-special-eevee-edition-3ds-xl-8 1372560455-special-eevee-edition-3ds-xl-9 1372560456-special-eevee-edition-3ds-xl-10 1372560456-special-eevee-edition-3ds-xl-11 1372560457-special-eevee-edition-3ds-xl-7


  1. Well, I`m going to buy this, but I have to ask a question. DOES THIS WORK IN EUROPE?? ;__; I LOVE THAT EEVEE DESIGN AND I WANT IT!! But does it workkk??


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