Microsoft announced the latest details for Windows 8.1, an update for the Windows 8 operating system. The Windows 8.1 is not just an update it’s a significant update and will fix a lot of bugs and issues of Windows 8. Windows 8.1 will include significant updates to all Metro Styled applications. Windows 8 has a messy music app with a frustrated and puzzling interface. In this update they have completely changed the interface and made it better and improved. Camera app is also one of the best features of Windows 8. In Windows 8.1 update they have changed it’s interface and made it much user friendly.

That’s not all. Windows 8.1 also have new applications, most of them are utility apps. Calculator is a new addition in Windows 8.1, it includes both standard and scientific view. A new Alarm application, and some health and fitness applications are a new addition. The new Internet Explorer 11 is also available in it. It’s the latest and the fastest version of Internet Explorer. In Windows 8.1 tabs have moved to the bottom of the screen and now you can open infinite tabs too.

Some minor changes include a change in file explorer, bing powered global search, improved control of mouse and keyboard and much more use of Google Skydrive and an updated version of Windows Store. One of the major improvement in this version is the addition of Start Button which was removed in Windows 8. Microsoft’s corporate VP for Windows Program Management Antoine Leblond wrote in a blog post that “the response to Windows 8 has been substantial…We’ve learned from customers in how they are using the product and have received a lot of feedback. We’ve delivered hundreds of updates to the product and to apps. We’re just getting started, and the potential ahead is tremendous.”

Now, we just have to wait and see what Microsoft will give us in this update. We already have huge expectations and what about you? Are you interested in Windows 8.1.