Activision has released a tech comparison video for Call of Duty: Ghosts. The new video shows how in game  assets from this year new shooter compare to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.  The video was presented at the Xbox event alongside with the reveal trailer.

Check the trailer below;



  1. Pfft! Doesn’t even look as good as KZ2 – next-gen graphics is coming to COD 5 years late! This moron goes on about “things we could never do before” – what he fails to mention is, ‘Never before on the XBOX’!! So many more games already look better than this on the PS3! But in saying that, I’m not surprised at all, I mean this is COD! But still looking forward to it!

    • Yes it does, kz2 had blur to cover the lack of detail, it had faked lighting, and some low res textures here and there also it looks better than uncharted.

      You people are biased. YOu look at it and say “this is cod” and dont pay attention to all the graphical improvements.

      i am pretty sure if the next uncharted had such detail on hands and objects and items that your character was carrying, you would be going crazy, but this is not uncharted its cod and it looks too familiar.

      So what you see here is your brain tellnig you “this is cod” and not being impressed. It is a mental state.

      In reallity the graphics are improved. This also happened when gears of war 2 came out, lot of people insisted it was the same, Valve decided to put color to l4d2 to make it easy for people to see it as a “new” game while in reallity the graphics were very similar.

      • Sorry mate, you’re talking ABSOLUTE nonsense! Believe me, I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to be impressed by COD you jackass! Who wouldn’t?! Fake lighting in KZ2/3? Come off it you retard, what U are talking about is fake lighting called ‘blooming’ is what the devs do for the 360 to give artificial light, KZ’s engine does it on the fly (simulating actual sunlight) / Please stop advertising your own ignorance, its embarrassing! And in what world do you think Ghosts looks better than Uncharted (you need to take off your fanboy glasses)?! And when you say “some low res textures here and there” you’re just talking a load of bull! EVERY game has that, and COD has it in abundance! I think the whole COD community (barring retards like you) will agree that COD does not have great graphics or amazing textures! I mean, for gods sake, their engine is 8 years old – still the quakeIII one. Only Ghosts has a proper improved engine (still not completely new). Think about what you are saying before commenting again.

        • this message is complete bullocks, so i am just going to report it.

          Yes ghosts looks better than uncharted, better lighting, faces and textures.

          • Go ahead dude – no one cares about your dumbass reports! Hahahahaha – you sir, are a complete saddo! Go buy some glasses, a PS3, and HDMI cable, then go buy Uncharted and Killzone2/3. Pop those games into your newly bought PS3 and have a play around. You blind ass fool!

          • Sure sure sure, have fun playing on your SHITTY ps3 with the glorious POWER OF DA CORE that flopped.

            Sure keep thinknig like a FUCKIGN RETARD that those graphics are impressive? kilzone you say? AHAHAHah crysis 3 has better graphics so did 1 and 2 and the 2 metro games even far cry 3.

            It seems you are retarded so i am gonna kep on it.


            You seem to think that your ps3 is capable of producing graphics up to par, but NO it DOESNT. Games on consoles run at 30 fps at 720p while on pcs run at 60 fps at 1080p. Most games on consoles run on LOW pc settings. Bf3 runs on low, so does max payne 3, matro last light and crysis 3 run lower than lowest pc settings. Far cry 3 runs on medium.

            Thats how shitty your consoles are.

            So dont tell me uncharted is a good looking game, even cod looked better than it.
            But i forgot that game run like shit on consoles in order to ge 60 fps.

            Sony overhypes for retards like you to believe them.

          • Im assuming you’re a troll, if you are I applaud you for sticking with your troll argument for so long. If your not trolling and these comments are your actual opinions, then you must of suffered some serious brain trauma to think that cod looks better than killzone or uncharted, even on pc cod looks like shit compared to uncharted and killzone. If you look real carefully at images even uncharted: golden abyss on ps vita looks better overall than any cod including ghosts.

          • Never said killzone looks better than cod.

            Lol golden abyss looks good? AHAHAHAHH

            anyway Here is your precious uncharted 2

            Crap graphics compared to mw2 on pc.

            Sony= make believe.

          • you tryna tell me cod looks better than uncharted 2, only thing better about cod is that it runs in 1080p, but thats only because cod isnt graphically intensive like uncharted 2, which cant be run smoothly in 1080p. Also uncharted 3 is a step up which definitely looks better than all cod including ghosts.

          • Right its not like it has better lighting than static lighting of uncharted 2? Nor that it has more shadows where when you are in a cave, there is no diffirence in ligting, your character shines in the darkness like he is made of phosphorous.

            Its not like cod has higher resolution textures and more geometry on various objects and weapons. Nor that the clothing on the characters has better textures (Dont argue about it, fps textures and weapons> third person weapons and textures) Not to mention the animation in cod is motion captured at 60 fps with real actors and animals and the animation in uncharted is rushed and the characters move very fast without smoothness due to low animation count.

            Ghosts has miles superior texture and lighting than uncharted 2.

            The only thing uncharted 2 has is bigger maps, the rest looks like crap. As shown and proven, now tell WHY you believe it looks better? You cant make any techinical arguments.


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