Microsoft’s latest console Xbox One has been finally unveiled at company’s redmond campus. The new Xbox One has a new user interface,  and new Kinect Engine. The new Xbox One also features Deep Live TV integration. Users can use voice commands to switch between movies, games and Live TV. Skype is also integrated and you can use it in Snap mode.

Check the unveil shots of the console:

1369161443-xbox-one-8 (1) 1369161443-xbox-one-8 The side closer to the optical drive, with a USB 3.0 jack. Close-up view of the optical drive. 1369161449-xbox-one-6 The console's other side, where the 50-50 split is repeated. The Xbox One console, front view.  The triplets. 1369161827-xbox-one-12 1369161830-xbox-one-9 1369161831-xbox-one-13 1369161835-xbox-one-14 1369161840-xbox-one-10 1369161846-xbox-one-16 1369161848-xbox-one-15



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