A Sony-backed ISP has announced the 2Gbps internet service in Japan which is said to be the fastest service for home users. So-net Entertainment service began offering its “Nuro” based service to homes, apartments and small areas on Monday. The service is available for Y4980 ($51) per month on a two year contract and a Y52,500 ($535) installation fees that is currently offering for free for those who apply online. The uploading speed is around 1Gbps and the downloading speed comes in a blisteringly fast 2Gbps which is double times faster than that of Google Fiber. Google Fiber offers the fastest speed in United States which is 1Gbps at a service plan of $70 per month but it is only available in limited markets.

So-net Entertainment also announced that this service also includes the rental of ONU (Optical Network Unit) which is designed to handle high speeds. So-net also said that their services uses GPON (Gigabyte capable passive optics networks) which supports a downstream of 2.488 Gbps.


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