Call of Duty: Ghosts Protagonists leaked Shots

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The protagonists of Call of Duty: Ghosts has leaked online with a series of photos. Activision has already stated the game will have a new story that focuses on Masked Protagonists. The game will release this November and Activision hasn’t commented anything about the images.

Check the images below:

Call-of-Duty-Ghosts-Protagonists-Showcased-in-Leaked-Images-7 Call-of-Duty-Ghosts-Protagonists-Showcased-in-Leaked-Images-6 Call-of-Duty-Ghosts-Protagonists-Showcased-in-Leaked-Images-5 Call-of-Duty-Ghosts-Protagonists-Showcased-in-Leaked-Images-3 Call-of-Duty-Ghosts-Protagonists-Showcased-in-Leaked-Images-4

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